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At Angelic we recognize that you are not your diagnosis. Our team of healthcare professionals customize a care plan to meet your individual medical, physical, emotional and spiritual needs and provide you with the most improved quality of life possible. Our services are provided to you wherever you call home. You do not have to be in a facility to receive hospice care.

Family and caregiver support

As a family member it is difficult to watch a loved one in declining health, and stressful to care for them around-the- clock. It becomes more challenging as the illness progresses, but with Angelic we are "by your side" as a safety net to support you. Additionally, our service includes bereavement care and support of family members for 13 months after the passing of the patient.

Customized attention for you

Angelic provides you with personalized care to meet your individual needs. Palliative and hospice providers work as a team with your physician to develop and implement a plan to treat your symptoms—those nagging issues that sap your energy and your joy. We provide what you need for improved quality of life.

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Why Hospice Now?

Earlier Care is Better Care

Patients receive the best results the earlier palliative care starts. The hospice team anticipates and addresses your needs before they become problematic. Our services give patients the opportunity to make the most of their life, regardless of diagnosis. Anticipatory grief starts at diagnosis.

Comprehensive Care

The hospice team approach is unlike any other service. We recognize that a life-limiting illness or injury impacts the family as well as the patient. At Angelic we are "by your side" with inclusive care and services for patients and their loved ones.

There no need to wait until days or hours before anticipated death. The best care for the patient and the family is to have hospice care upon diagnosis Hospice guides the patient and family through the transition, Caregivers of hospice patients have told us that their only regret was that they did not get their loved-one the care and support of hospice sooner.

The following are indicators that may signify that hospice care is an appropriate healthcare choice.

  • Diagnosis of a life-limiting illness
  • No longer eligible for treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, etc.
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Frequent visits to the hospital
  • Recurrent infections
  • Increasing shortness of breath
  • Difficulty walking
  • Difficulty managing pain
  • Increasing need for help with bathing, dressing, food preparation
  • Swelling of legs or arms
  • Frequent medication changes
Why Angelic Palliative & Hospice Care Now
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What we provide

Coordination of care with your physician

Regular nursing visits by your RN case manager

Supplemental home health aides

Social work and spiritual care support

Medications related to your diagnosis

Medical equipment such as hospital bed, oxygen, walkers etc.

Personal care items such as incontinent supplies

Short-term respite care for caregiver relief

Various therapeutic treatments such as physical, massage and music therapies

Volunteer services

Bereavement support

24/7 phone support and emergency care

We provide clinical, social, spiritual, emotional and physical care to those experiencing a life-altering or terminal diagnosis. Patients are cared for wherever they call home - private residence, nursing care facility, assisted living, or other facility.

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